Brochure Folder

Brochure Templates

Brochure Mock-Ups

These templates can be very usefull for graphic designers because they will show your client exactly how the brochure design is going to look when finished and printed. Here are the best designs we could find:

Tri-Fold Brochures

The Tri-Fold brochure is the most used brochure type. It's easy to create, you can get a lot of content in it and it's a creative way to display your company. The following are just a few examples of excellent designs:

Bi-Fold Brochures

Also used very much are the Bi-Fold brochures. They're a little less creative but when your design manages to catch the eye of a potential custumor you really can't go wrong anymore. There's a large width for your text and images so be sure to used it wisely.

Horizontal Brochures

Something different from the usual designs are the horizontal brochures. These are almost like flyers but you can open them to find more information. The positive thing about it is that people won't throw these away that easily. They also look very nice.

Square Brochures

Just as the horizontal brochures, the square shaped brochure has a very nice look. It will certainly stand out from the rest. You still get to use lots of space for your images and text and it looks very compact compared to a regular brochure.